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Created a blog template with Sveltekit


As stated in the title, I created a blog template with Sveltekit. If you are looking for a bare minimum blog template, maybe give it a try?

Home Post Page
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My thoughts on Sveltekit

I work as a frontend-engineer and mostly use React at work. And this was my first time using Sveltekit.

And here are the things I personally really liked about it.

  • Routing: Just like Next, Sveltekit provides filesystem-based routing. It works like a charm 🧙🏻‍♀️
  • Syntax of Svelte: The syntax of svelte is super easy to understand for anyone who has used HTML and CSS. 👏👏
  • HMR: Sveltekit internally uses Vite and the development experience was astonishing especially HMR(Hot Module Replacement) was instantaneous. ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

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tzwel • Edited

i was just looking for something like this and i ended up coding one myself, thanks, I will take a peek on your repo and hopefully learn something

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Oliver Jamie • Edited

So as to create blog pages you should create a growdle folder called src/routes/blog/ and add two new files: index.svelte and [_slug].svelte. The index.svelte file will be the main io games blog page and [_slug].svelte will be used to display individual blog posts.

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Thomas Frank

I don't know how to create a blog with sveltekit until I read this article. nyt sudoku, The example you supplied is very detail and easy to understand. 1001 tips

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James • Edited

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Aurora Harris

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I appreciate you releasing the blog template because it allows me to quickly save time and have a suggested layout for the site I want to create drift boss