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I've been very tempted to switch to VS code from Atom🤔.
Sorry, very random.


Do it! Vs code starts up a gazillion years faster than atom😂


Unless there is a specific Atom plugin you need that is not available for VSCode. it is more than worth the effort.

Ecosystem is better, & since MicroSoft bought GitHub, I would not be surprised if Atom is back-burnered.


Like everyone else is saying, do it! I started with Atom, Switched to Sublime text, and finally landed on VS Code. The built in git integration, and the built in terminal are life savers.


The build in terminal brought me to VS code. There was an extension for that in atom, but it was so sluggish.


What I imagined Atom being as a text editor from Github is what made me stick to Atom for so long. Last year I realized that VS Code is the one realizing that vision. The ecosystem, the features, the DX (Developer Experience), and the performance are all what I imagined Atom eventually becoming but Visual Studio Code got there faster.

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