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Snippet or not indexed posts

Kamal Mustafa
Python/Django Developer at GetOTP (, fast and simple to integrate OTP API with ready made UI
・1 min read

Sometimes I just want to add quick notes but it's not qualify as proper post. It's something similar to Maybe we can add another flag like indexed: false and this post will not appear in any feed. But it still public with proper url, or maybe you can view it all at specific url like, and people can still react or comment on that post. It just to reduce some clutter on the main feeds from some half finished notes.

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πŸ¦„N BπŸ›‘

// , I like this idea, although I like seeing what is going through your mind. Your feed is one of the first I ever followed on!

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Kamal Mustafa Author

I basically came with this idea after bumping into my old notes on With coderwall, it quite natural for me to dump out some snippet for example a new interesting cli flags I just found. Here, I'm a bit hesitant to do so as I afraid it just polluting the main feed and that stuff probably will just a noise to most people.