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Recalling memory in the age of information overload

Oh man, recalling memory is hard in this information overload days 😅

It started by a friend sharing about GraalVM in our private group. The name raised my antenna somehow as it kind of reminded me to 'something'.

Initially I thought it was another Java runtime. So I start searching through the chat history and my tweets on twitter but nothing came out.

And I think I found it merely by accident. I was searching for "once graalvm mature" as that the only bits of information I can recalled from the "project"'s dev discussion.

But one result titled "Oracle steers GraalVM to the enterprise | InfoWorld" made me thinking to search for "oracle java runtime" but I mistyped it as "oracle javascript runtime", which gave out nashorn. And searching "nashorn" in the chat history, I found my own blog post!

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