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My 3D modeling struggle

I was never able to model and texture a proper 3D models. When I at least was able to finish a proper mesh then it all fell apart on the texturing. The painful spot for me is the UV maps, which are hard for a beginner to do manually. So auto-generated UVs were the obvious thing to do. After successfully doing that, you were stuck with something like this.

UV map

And you're supposed to create a texture like this...

UV + Texture

So, as you can see. Making a texture in which some parts are vertical or horizontal and even worse when they are curved is a nightmare.

But, luckily there is a so-called "Texture painting", which lets you paint or spray texture on a model. This way, it's like real life painting or spraying. It takes some time and you are layering detail.

So after finding this technique, everything makes more sense. Very easy to make cartoon assets and very helpful for prototyping.

I'm going to paint a model of Eiruga oroso Galicia.


So far, I'm fighting with the resolution, since what I always got is something blurry and unrealistic or too much pixelated. Even tho the texture is 2048x2048 which should be alright. My main guess would be that the UV maps are autogenerated and if I would have position them manually it would get more resolution and therefore better looks.

The first trick I found was to increase the texture resolution to 4096x4096. Secondly, deleting half of the model and mirror it will save half of the resolution's details in theory. So this way I was able to at least get something pleasable.

My current struggle is to layer the detail.

I'm very new to this, so bear with me. This time no screenshot.

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