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OK: it appears I'll be blogging

Why? Because blogs have had a huge impact on where I've ended up as a developer, and I don't see them becoming any less important. I've gotten a lot out of articles by Flavio Copes and David Walsh, alongside countless random developers on Medium and Dev and HackerNoon.

Maybe I, too, can be someone else's random developer? Maybe I'm at a point now where what I know and what I've experienced can help someone else? Maybe writing about what I'm doing will help me to better organize my thoughts and my work?

Also, I pretty much already blog on my commute home from work each day, out loud or in my head, so it's not like I don't have anything to blog about. I've actually got kind of a daunting list of topics.

Who am I?

I'm a Software Engineer at Precision Planting, based in Illinois. I work mostly with the frontend, designing and developing the Radicle Agronomics hybrid app that deploys to the web, iOS, and Android. Maybe I'll blog about it sometime?

Jake and wife, Mary

I've got a hard-working wife, Mary; and two pretty amazing kids: Isaac (4) and Elinor (2). Isaac is our maybe future engineer, and he loves Legos and magnets and anything with a motor; Ellie is the party's healer, providing imaginary band-aids for everyone's imaginary wounds. She also likes pretending to be a dinosaur.

My kids, Elinor and Isaac

When I'm not playing with or picking up after the kiddos, I'm probably working on some project or another. By day, I use Svelte and Ionic/Capacitor; by night, I experiment. Right now, I'm enjoying fighting Rust's borrow checker and trying to compile functional WebAssembly from as many languages as possible. I wish I had an excuse to learn Zig, I think TypeScript is a necessary evil, and I think React is an unnecessary evil.

And that's me!

So that's a blog post, huh?

Well... it's a start, isn't it? Words on "paper." I'll be more structured when we get hands-on with some code later on. Maybe.


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