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Discussion on: I'm an open source enthusiast at Mapbox, the creator of Leaflet and 40+ other JS libraries, and a rock musician. AMA!

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Jon Woyame

You have the gift of being a prolific creator. How do you prioritize your work and organize your time?

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Vladimir Agafonkin Ask Me Anything • Edited on

To be honest, I'm absolutely terrible at time management and prioritization, and struggle hard to improve. Often, weeks and months will go by without getting anything of interest done. Pretty much all cool things I built were done on short-lived waves of enthusiasm, when I get obsessed with an idea and stop reacting to the outside world until proving that it works.

This makes me really bad at sustainably working on big, complex projects. That's why I prefer creating very small, laser-focused libraries — it's much easier to get them to a useful state before throwing in the towel. Also, with experience, you start to get good at recognizing ideas with a high impact-to-effort ratio.

When it comes to music, unfortunately, I spend a small fraction of the time on it compared to my student years. Otherwise we wouldn't spend 8 years to make one album. :) Hopefully, I'll be able to regain that area of my life more in future.