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Jiang Wenjian
Jiang Wenjian

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Lucky You - a cross-platform app built on tauri

Hello there, good to see you!

In this post. I will introduce my latest open source project lucky-you to you.

It'a a cross platform app build on tauri framework and helps you doing a lucky draw or making a rolling all or similar use cases.

Screenshots in below:

Screenshot of LuckyYou

  • It's tiny

It's tiny thanks to tauri, the latest version install file of Mac OS file is only 4.1Mb, 3.4Mb for Linux, 5.4Mb for Windows

  • It's simple

It's simple, you just select a folder contains image files and click start then click stop, biu~ a chosen one!

  • It's safe

It's safe because the code is open source, and because no network access needed. Also, the native part of tauri is written in Rust, it's safe.

Github repo is here: lucky-you , hopes you like it!

For windows user that failed to use the app, I build a PWA app in here(How to use?), you can use it instead.

Lucky You - A free, simple, beautiful PWA app to do a lucky draw. | Product Hunt Embed

See you in next post! 😁

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