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First time into Mobile Development - React Native

juzuz profile image Jason Lee ・1 min read


I believe that most computer science majors at college have the same problem I have - There is nothing to present on my resume, and I have an underdeveloped skill tree for any specific field.
I am currently an upcoming junior, and because of the coronavirus, I was stuck in my house taking virtual courses.
Now that school is over, I was free with nothing to do. After wasting a month on doing nothing, I chose a field I wish to master and began my learning plan.

Things I have done till now

  • Web Development
  • Unity Game Dev


I had an interest in gaming, but after a long time meddling with Unity, I've realized that I'm interested in the playing role, not the development. So I began to learn Javascript, HTML, CSS, and then React. (Viewable in my Github)
After successfully creating a website, I had some talks with my mentor and friends and chose to go for mobile development.

I will be making a series of blogs on specific topics related to my research in the mobile dev field and difficulties I have encountered while creating an app for an android device.

These blogs act as a journal of the journey I took to get into mobile dev and a motivation to learn more in depth and recollect the information I've learned.
It will be my pleasure to know if any of the information were helpful to anyone out there!


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