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This 3rd project also snooped around a lot of projects in search of parts that I could touch, and it was an endless battle with the constant mass of projects. In fact, the 3rd week project and the preparation period for the midterm exam overlapped, so I wanted to choose a project that was not too difficult. So, this time, I looked for a design part project that I had not touched before. I was able to find a project with a reasonable level of difficulty, and in this issue, I asked to make a logo. So, I immediately tried to fix this issue.

In the progress

In the case of design, I did not spend much time, but fortunately, there were basic images of the API or representative banner photos, so I immediately started creating a logo that could express the API by combining the images. Since it is a program where users can have a conversation at any time while taking a break, a steaming coffee cup meaning rest and a coding or dialogue bar meaning conversation or work are properly arranged and decorated using complementary colors.

So at the End

After, done the project I immediately just submitted and start to do other work because I didn't have enough time to do all!!! :(

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