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How To Include ‘bits/stdc++.h’ Header File With Clang Compiler on macOS

I have written a comprehensive article on how you can use the infamous bits/stdc++.h header file with Clang compiler in the same way as you would use any standard header file. Please give it a read.
Link to Medium Article

Download the linked file. Go to /Applications/ and copy the downloaded file to that directory. You can start using #include <stdcpp.h> in your projects instead of manually including all required header files.

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Paul J. Lucas • Edited
  1. Anything in the bits directory is for the implementation and it not supposed to be included by your end project.
  2. You shouldn't be modifying anything inside the directory. Whenever you upgrade, that directory will be overwritten anyway.
  3. Always including everything slows compilation times way down.
  4. Assuming you want to write portable code, just #include what you're supposed to include.

This is simply bad advice.