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#100DaysOfCode Thoughts?


I have always been interested in computers and programming from a young age, but never supported my direction.

Python courses always try to give you the basics and nothing more; most courses nowadays do a lot better when it comes to the content.

I wanted to learn programming on a deeper level, so I decided to buckle down and learn Python from the top. I've made some small python projects in the past, but nothing too significant, just enough to connect the dots.

Then cam the Python for Everybody and Data Science applied with Python from the University of Michigan; this was a big game-changer.

These courses brought you through everything you would need to get started as a python programmer, from understanding the workflow and how to think about problems from an engineering standpoint.

I will say that after completing this challenge, I do think that you could probably learn a lot more, focusing on a project-based capacity.

Even if you do not know 100 percent of what you are doing, this will allow you to research and find out what you need for a specific problem; I think this correlates well to real-world experiences / Projects.

100 Days Of Coding can be an excellent resource and or habit for coding, but I think that moving on to something like 100DaysOfCoingProjects would be a good idea as well.

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