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Client-side Vue.js for Node-less SPAs

This is the structure I'm using for my most recent project, Perpetual Shred. It's fast, easy to use, and allows for the front-end to be hosted as a static site.



Structure of the project:


  • index.html - The entry-point for your Single Page App. Global dependencies via script tags (Vue, Vue-Router, Http-Vue-Loader, Axios) and a single #App element where the vue instance will be rendered.
  • index.js - Where Vue.js, Vue-Router are instantiated, where you'll import and assign your services to the Vue instance.
  • index.css - Global styles for your Single Page App.
  • index.php - Trick Heroku into hosting a static site.


  • vue.js - Vue.js itself and all the built-in features that come with it.
  • vue-router.js - The official router for Vue.js, allows you to navigate your Single Page App.
  • http-vue-loader.js - Client-side .vue component loader.
  • axios.js - Promise based HTTP client for making ajax/http calls.


  • store.service.js - A (very, extremely) simple state-management service with only three methods:
    • get(key)
    • set(key, value)
    • clear(key)

What's with the weird Object.assignProperty stuff in index.js?:

see this great article

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