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How to find the closing and opening of div/tags in Visual Studio Code ?

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Imagine you're building a website, and your code is like a big puzzle.Each piece, like a

tag, fits together to make your webpage work. But sometimes, finding where these pieces start and end can feel like searching for a hidden treasure in a jungle.

In Visual Studio Code, the program you use to write your code, this can be a big headache. You scroll and scroll, trying to spot where a

tag begins and where it ends. It's like trying to find the start and finish of a race without a map!

It's frustrating because one wrong move, like missing a closing tag, can mess up your whole webpage. You might spend more time fixing mistakes than actually building your site!

But don't worry! There's a way to make this easier.

To get the content inside a div - Use Balance Inward

ShortCut - Ctrl + Shift + P and select Balance Inward or you can assign a shortcut for that

To get the whole openinig and close of a div use Balance Outward

Shortcut - Ctrl + Shift + P and select

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