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How much Javascript is required to understand React Better .

RFC (Request for Comments):

Main Difference: In the context of Internet standards and protocols, an RFC is a document series used for specifications, design, and implementation of various aspects of the Internet.
When to Use: RFCs are used in the broader context of Internet technologies, such as defining protocols like HTTP, SMTP, or IP. They're utilized when proposing or documenting standards, practices, or innovations in the field of networking and communication.
RFC (React Feature Component or React Functional Component):

Main Difference: In the context of React, RFC stands for either "React Feature Component" or "React Functional Component." It's a proposed change or addition to the React library.
When to Use: RFCs in React are used when proposing significant changes or new features within the React framework. This could involve enhancements to existing components, the introduction of new features, or modifications to the React library itself. RFCs facilitate community discussion and consensus-building around proposed changes.
RFCE (Request for Comments Editor or React Feature Component Enhancement):

Main Difference: RFCE doesn't have a widely recognized meaning in either the Internet standards context or React. In React, it could potentially refer to an enhancement or modification to an existing RFC.
When to Use: If you're suggesting an improvement or modification to an existing RFC proposal within the React ecosystem, you might create a document labeled as RFCE to outline your proposed changes. This could involve refining the original proposal, addressing feedback, or suggesting alternative solutions.
RFCP (Request for Comments Process):

Main Difference: RFCP doesn't have a standard meaning in either context. In React, it might refer to the process by which React RFCs are created, discussed, and eventually accepted or rejected.
When to Use: RFCP, if used in React, would relate to the overall process of creating, discussing, and deciding on RFCs within the React community. This involves engaging with the React community's decision-making process regarding proposed changes and new features.
In summary, while RFCs have a well-defined meaning in the context of Internet standards, their interpretation within React may vary. It's essential to understand the context in which these terms are being used to determine their appropriate usage and meaning.

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