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Discussion on: I'm switching to vim!

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Justin Gross

Welcome to the fold!

I made the switch from VS Code a couple weeks ago ( took ~2-3 days to adjust) and am now at feature parody with the features I was using in VS Code.

For me it wasn't so much about optimizing resource consumption but rather having a portable easy and quickly reproducible dev env setup that I could connect to from anywhere. It is nice to save gigabytes of RAM though :)

I switch between computers a lot and had been using SSH Remote plugin to do all my work in a remote Linux setup. Combining TMUX persistent sessions, neovim and vim sessions means I can connect from anything/anywhere and it's all ready to rock and roll all the time! It even works well connecting to my dev env from an Android device using TERMUX! With a nice portable keyboard I could totally do all my work from a silly little Android tablet or Chromebook.

I started with the coc plugins but then quickly jumped to nightly neovim + native lsp. Primarily writing Rust applications but also have had great success with typescript and Vue/nuxt application development. If anyone is stuck getting something set up or has questions on how you might do something in neovim that you were previously doing in Code please ask me here and I'll share any feedback that I can!

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Siddharth Author

Thanks! I'll ask you if anything comes up.