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Tablesome - advanced WordPress responsive table plugin

justinkumar94 profile image JustinKumar94 ・1 min read

We have launched a new responsive table plugin called Tablesome in the WordPress repository.
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You can quickly create responsive tables with unlimited rows and columns and embed the table in pages and posts.

What are the features of this WordPress table plugin?

It comes with some mecessary table features such as,

  • Importing tables from CSV and XLSX files
  • Table Filtering and Sorting
  • Table Pagination
  • Basic Styling and Colors
  • Adding Images and Links

How is it to create a table?

With Tablesome it is very easy to create large tables with many number of rows and columns. If you want to know how easy it is, you can watch the video we have made and see for yourself.

What are the benefits of using Tablesome compared to other plugins?

Almost all the other WordPress table plugins require that you fix the number of rows and columns before you create the table. Tablesome has been designed in such a way that you can create new rows and columns as you go and does not limit the number of rows and columns that you can create.

Open for Feedback and Feature Suggestions

This plugin is in active development and you can expect more features in future releases. It would be great if WordPress users can try it and give your feedback and feature suggestions here.

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