How do you balance your work day?

justinhodev profile image Justin Ho ・1 min read

So I've only been blogging on DEV for 2 weeks (got some great responses).

I want to reach more readers so my goals is to write a bit more everyday but try to post more consistently. It's been difficult to find time to write or post during the day and I always end up writing during the night.

How do you guys decide when to write and how do you balance between your day job and writing?


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I have yet to write an actual article here. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. :) I don't think I'd have time during the day, unless things are slow, which is relatively rare.

I do write at night, but that's heavy metal music reviews. Hmmm... my 2,000th review is going online tonight, actually. :)


That's really neat! I'm not a heavy metal listener but I do enjoy reading reviews of music!

Do you find that your review's reach get influenced by the time at which you post?

Early congrats on 2000 reviews 🎉


Thanks. :)

I've been posting at roughly the same schedule for many years now, so the regulars are kind of used to that. Usually what will make a difference in reach is when a band and/or label/PR agency with a strong following share the reviews or interviews on social media. Of course, big holidays usually see a drop in viewership as people busy, unlike when they're at work. LOL :)