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useState and useReducer

Similarities between useState and useReducer:

Both useState and useReducer are React hooks used for managing state in functional components. They share these key points:

  • State Management: They both allow you to store and update data within a component that can trigger re-renders when the state changes.

  • Functional Components: They are exclusive to functional components in React, providing an alternative to the setState method in class components.

  • Return Value: Both hooks return an array containing:

    • The current state value.
    • A function to update the state (setter function for useState and dispatch function for useReducer).

When to use useState:

  • Simple State: It's ideal for managing a single piece of state, especially primitive values (strings, numbers, booleans) or single objects/arrays.
  • Straightforward Updates: The state updates are easy to understand and don't require complex logic or dependencies on previous state values.
  • Readability: You prioritize keeping your component code concise and easy to reason about.

When to use useReducer:

  • Complex State Management: You're dealing with multiple state values that are updated interdependently or require handling previous state values.
  • Centralized Logic: You want to centralize state update logic in a separate reducer function to improve code maintainability and reusability.
  • Advanced Patterns: You need to implement advanced state management patterns like state history or optimistic updates.
  • Performance Optimization (Deep Updates): You're working with deep updates in the component tree, where useReducer can offer slight performance improvements because dispatch functions can be passed down without recreating functions on every render.

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Rense Bakker

Use reducer whenever your component state is an object. Handling updating object properties is just way easier with a simple reducer function:

function simpleReducer(currentState, newState){
  return {...currentState, ...newState}

const initialState = {
  name: '',
  email: ''

function SomeComponent(){
  const [person, setPerson] = useReducer(simpleReducer, initialState)
  return <button onClick={() => setPerson({ name: 'hello' })}>click</button>
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rgolawski profile image
Rafał Goławski

99% of cases when I'm working on an application I stick to useState, but not gonna lie, there is something satisfying about moving state update logic from event handlers into a reducer outside component. 😅

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Mike Pearson

Yeah it's called declarative coding :)
It's good that you're comfortable switching early rather than later.