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Let's build for Ruby and Rails developers - Part 9

justalever profile image Andy Leverenz Originally published at on ・2 min read

In part 9 of my Let's build for Ruby and Rails developers series I break ground on our new job form and leverage Vue.js to do so.

A big goal of the Vue.js component of the app is to streamline the interactive experience of creating a new job. I want customers to be able to enter details, preview their job, and pay for their listing all within one flow.

Doing a multi-step form in Ruby on Rails is a bit tough but it is possible. To lean on a little more interactive tech I think Vue.js will lend a great hand going forward. I'm not a Vue expert but I know my way around. The app will be a bit complex but not the worst thing I've ever had to build.

There core steps of the job form will be:

  1. Job Details - A customer enters the job and its criteria.
  2. Preview - Once the details are entered and validated a customer can then proceed to the next step to see a preview of what the job will resemble once published.
  3. Purchase - This step will incorporate Stripe, a lot of AJAX, and some Rails API specific constraints. We'll need to validate a customer's card, gracefully handle errors and update state will things are happening behind the scenes.

This app within the Rails app will be a doozie but I think worthwhile. Once this is complete we can begin then to focus on presenting jobs in a useful and informative way throughout the site.

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