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I was really scared of my writing before, that I'm not so good and I can't write. I found DEV and wrote my post just for fun but I got an amazing reaction on it, It was so unexpected, it motivated me to write more and Today I'm sharing my own story from 0 to 1.

Joined DEV

I joined DEV on 15 of Sep, I found it on Twitter. Someone mentioned it that it's the best place to share your thoughts, so I wrote my first post the same day.

My First Post

Alt Text
Bulma - The Most Underrated Framework of the CSS Framework Era
it was my first post and it really got me so much attention. I was shocked that how can my first post achieve this number of views and reactions, My goal was to feature on The DEV community Twitter Handle at least in 10 posts but my first post got me this. I was happy, answering the people in the comments section.

My Study About SSGs

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I was trying SSGs and JAMstack at that time so I wrote my experience about it, and what! people really liked it and just check out the comments section. It is Incredible! It got me so much traffic on my twitter! I also crossed 1000 Followers on DEV

The Down Time

I wrote 5 more articles after that about my design approach and many more. but it didn't get me so many reactions or views. They were average I think! But My Follower Count was increasing, crossed 2000 followers on DEV

Life Changer

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The article I posted because to complete the week for 8-week Badge, it was not planned at all. I posted it just to fill up space. I slept that night after posting it, I woke up in the morning and was shocked by seeing the reaction and views count, it crossed 150+ reactions it's first 8 hours. I got so much traffic everywhere, I was happy to see it after a very long time but was not expecting it to perform a lot better and grows up to the most popular post of the week, with 850+ reactions and 40000+ views. Some of the Bloggers contacted me to write on their blog, I got my first internship as a VueJs Front End Web developer and I have to say it changed my life.

Crossed the 4000 followers and Got 4 Badges

I crossed 4000 followers on DEV then I think It's a good idea to start earning some side-income by writing for others, I had 20 credits at that time because of the badges of "Most Popular Vue Editor", "4 and 8 Week Streak". I posted a listing on DEV and it really helped me, I wrote for so many blogs as a ghostwriter and wrote a post for Codewall about Kubernetes, Wrote about Amezmo and many more.

I'm just starting

I'm just starting now, I hope you'll read more from me in Future on many platforms, and I'm looking to generate quality content. I'm still available to write paid content for you.

Right now

I don't know maybe it's less but as today my profile has 100,000+ views and 1600+ reactions and 6000+ followers and 5 badges in total.
Share your story and Stats about your profile, and tell me that is this Stats good for me in 2 months??

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Check me out on twitter : twitter.com/justaashir

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I have a really similar story.
I spent years and years reading a lot at what others were writing but not quite daring to write myself.

Starting to write down my thoughts here and having some early nice feedback has been liberating.

On views: I prefer to have fewer people that care a lot about what I write that having lots of people who don't care much about what I write.


Similar story for me as well. I just started a few weeks ago...so I guess I would be a "Junior Dev.to" Dev contributor. 😊


Yes! Dev, is probably one of the most 'positive' social networks out there.

I haven't seen any 'bad' comments here, at all!

Maybe, it's because no one here does that -

Monkey See, Monkey Do.



Unfortunately, there are some bad apples who can make the comments sections less than welcoming. But DEV has a moderator program and most negative / harassing comments get taken down pretty quickly.


Yes, I've also reported a harassment comment, and they removed it in just 2 hours!


Its because we're all developers - we know how super hard it can be sometimes :)

There are no stupid questions or ideas!


Yeah! Developers will help each other!

Dev.to Is a great place to be!

It's easy to grow on too

I got featured on feed today! I checked incognito and I was there with everyone else!

Incognito one!😂 I can connect to this, I also checked 4 or 5 times when I was on the Homepage

XD same I Thought when I wasn't on incognito it just shows cuz I made it but when I check incognito That Wasn't true!


Nice write up.
Your story is quite motivating.
I joined dev.to less than 48 hours ago and I am yet to write my first post.
I hope to write my first post tomorrow


I'm not so big yet. Only have a like from the Devs co CEO Though it's special or not idk im pretty new to dev it's not so bad!


Sctrach That I just got big in a hour. Wow......


Sctrach that again I checked my dashboard I have less than 100 views.


Great job Aashir! Happy you're part of this community!


Thanks, I'm part of this community because of people like you


Ahah I don't know what to say to that. Thank you very much!!


Congrats on the job, Aashir! 40k+ views on a post is really impressive! Keep writing and we'll keep reading :)


These types of comments motivate me! Thanks :)


Also I made a Series on dev!
It's called Why Choose? - An Official Dev Series!

Also please view me........
I'm still small.