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The Missing Semester

I'm happy to announce I had published my first (only?) book!

Software Development Engineering is a fast-paced industry. While the university curriculum tends to teach its attendants a vast number of concepts, ideas, and technologies, there still exists a gap to be bridged.

The Missing Semester aims to conquer this gap by providing insight into what it takes to be a #softwaredevelopment #engineer in the current #work marketplace. The book presents topics like teamwork, advice for technical growth, better #coding skills, system architecture, design principles, #career growth, #mentalhealth, and many more.

The topics discussed in this book are very prone to debate, so the book itself should be read with this in mind. The opinions presented are just that - opinions.

It's written in a concise, easy-to-read format and is a great starting point for anyone embarking on this industry. It's available on Amazon for anyone who finds this interesting and/or useful.

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