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Jurica Kenda
Jurica Kenda

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Annoyed by Chrome Bookmark Manager I Created My Own. Should I release it?

I was annoyed by my overcrowded bookmarks bar on Chrome, so I decided to create my own bookmark manager.
After creating the initial version, I thought it would be fun to make it accept CLI-like commands to filter out and open certain bookmarks.
Alt Text
For that, I created my own command form and its parser.

Commands implemented so far are :
ls - display all command
opn - open command

You can modify these commands with modificators:
rgx - looks for regular expression (works on both ls and opn)
tag - looks for a particular tag in page sentiment (works on display)

Modificators accept String arguments and based on them create predicates that will modify command execution.

This is what a parsable comman looks like:

Alt Text

Should I release this for public use? What features or commands would be fun to have?

Top comments (2)

360macky profile image
Marcelo Arias

Looks so good. 😊

I would add support for quick handling with the keys. Like Ctrl + Enter. And --labels to organize better.

Commands are so interesting. I think that you should publish it

juricakenda profile image
Jurica Kenda

Thank you so much for your input!

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