Looking for honest feedback for my first portfolio ๐Ÿ™

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First I would appreciate that you clicked on my post ๐Ÿ˜€ I just finished my portfolio website. It made with the middleman and GitHub pages.

Iโ€™d love your criticism, suggestions, and etc so please have a play around with it!โœจ

Here's the link:

Thank you in advance!!

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Hey Jun,

I just went through your portfolio. It's good but it can be Great!

Some points to be considered:

1) Fonts:
The primary and secondary font doesn't feel even. Guess portfolio would be better if you iterate over the Primary font.

2) Color:
There's too much white typography.

3) Background:
The leafy background with that black overlay, kinda making the website look dull.

4) Uneven spacing:
Look where the section title "About" and "Project" is. Both should be on the distance from the left. (I feel)

5) Images:
The project thumbnails are of different dimensions, guess they all should have the same dimensions.

6) Specialties Section:
The spacing from left and right should be the same.


Thank you so much, Juned! Will work on to these ๐Ÿ˜€Do you recommend using sans-serif or serif fonts for a personal website?


Hey Jun,
Sorry for the late reply.
As far as the fonts are concerned, I'd recommend using a combination of both Serif and Sans Serif. You can check the following websites for inspiration:


Also, for font combinations, you can make use of this website.

Thank You :)


Hi Jun!

Website looks great :D Few bits of feedback below; but overall you should be proud of this site! It looks awesome for a first portfolio:

  • If you want a background that moves with the cursor, allow it to move horizontally as well. At the moment the leaves only shift with my cursor vertically.
  • There is a black box behind the text on your first screen, but it doesn't stick when I click "My Story", it scrolls up. I'd almost argue the black is so light it's not needed.
  • The Contact button feels really oddly positioned.. and gets a little lost in your picture. Maybe just keep it in the menu?
  • Improve the line height on your menu, the text feels very squashed.
  • I feel like your text could be a bit bigger... especially as your header font is so large. "Jun Low" is a lot bigger than "My name is Jun".
  • Going from left-align content, to center on your projects feels quite jarring. I'd suggest keeping it all left aligned, and lay it out similarly to your starting section; content on the left, image on the right.
  • Your header text and paragraph text on your projects aren't aligned.
  • I love the way you've laid out your specialities!! Might borrow that ideas myself when I come to revamp my portfolio :D
  • On your responsive, I'd suggest making the picture of you full-screen when you hit tablet size. At the moment you get bits of the leafy background as it scales.

Thanks so much for your helpful feedback! Very appreciate it!! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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