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juniorrubyist profile image Joseph Geis ・1 min read

Hello! I made a tweetbot (Twitter bot?) that can query the Can I Use? database in your threads.

It is simple to use. All you have to do is Tweet this: @caniusebot !![query], where [query] is your query. Here's a sample:

You'll get a response within 20 seconds like this:

If you aren't satisfied with the response, there is also a link to your query on caniuse.com.

Did I mention that it is open source, too? It’s on my GitHub.

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A Twitter bot for Can I Use?


A Twitter bot for Can I Use?


Mention @caniusebot on Twitter in the following syntax, where [query] is your query.

@caniusebot !![query]

If you have any issues (like it isn't responding), please tag me on Twitter (not the bot), quoting your querying tweet.

Also, please let me know what you think!!


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This is a pretty cool twitter bot. How did you make it?


So I wrote it in Python and it utilizes the mentions timeline and status endpoints of the Twitter API, and it polls every 20 seconds (to avoid rate limiting). I then cloned the Can I Use? repo and pointed the data json to the bot worker, and it should update every night on a cron job.

I forgot to mention that it is open source on my GitHub page.