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Install Official VS Code on Android

How to Install Official VS Code on Android

  1. Install Termux:

  2. Setup Termux:

    • Update Termux packages and install neofetch:

      apt update -y && apt upgrade -y && neofetch

      Follow the prompts and say Y to all.

  3. Install Ubuntu 22:

    • Install Linux VM (OS: Ubuntu 22):

      pkg update -y && pkg install wget curl proot tar -y
      wget -O
      chmod +x && bash
  4. Set Root Password and Install Packages:

    • In the Ubuntu 22 VM, set a password for root:


      (Keep it as root for now.)

    • Install necessary packages:

      apt update -y && apt upgrade -y
      apt install nano curl wget python3 python3-pip neofetch dpkg sudo && neofetch
  5. Create User:

    • Create a new user and grant sudo privileges:

      useradd -m "<username>"
      passwd "<username>"
      usermod -aG sudo "<username>"
  6. Update Packages:

    • Update Ubuntu packages:

      sudo apt update -y && sudo apt upgrade -y && sudo apt --fix-broken install
  7. Exit VM:

    • Exit the Ubuntu VM:

  8. Connect Local Storage:

    • Connect your local mobile storage to Termux:


      Say Y to allow if prompted.

  9. Check Architecture:

    • Check the architecture of Termux/Android:


      Look for aarch64 or arm64 for 64-bit architecture, and aarch32orarmhf for 32-bit.

  10. Download VS Code:

  11. Copy and Install VS Code:

    • Copy the downloaded .deb file to the Ubuntu VM:

      ls storage/downloads
      cp "storage/downloads/<filename>" "code.deb"
      mv "code.deb" "ubuntu22-fs/root/code.deb"
  12. Start Ubuntu VM:

    • Start the Ubuntu VM:

  13. Install VS Code:

    • Install VS Code using the .deb file:

      apt install ./code.deb
  14. Login and Run VS Code:

    • Login with your username:

      login "<username>"

      Enter your password.

    • Run VS Code in the browser:

      code serve-web

      Wait for a URL to appear, then copy and paste it into your browser.


  • Run VS Code Server:

    • Run VS Code server on Android:

      code tunnel

Enjoy using VS Code on your Android !

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