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Svelte and Bulma

jumanja profile image jumanja ・1 min read

Hi there, for those looking for a way to put Svelte and bulma Together, I did a small project showing how I solved it:

A Demo is available here: https://jumanja.co
The code is here: https://github.com/jumanja/SvelteBulma

For now, it uses a nav, breadcrumbs and one single input, which you can edit and it will change the Hello message, using the links will update the breadcrumbs, and it is using a Home component hdden when the link is not Home.

I really appreciate your comments, as I 'm planning to do a full post with step by step (if needed), and maybe complete the project to put more content and connecting this example maybe to REST API (for completion sake).

Best Regards,


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Did you try c0bra.github.io/svelma/? It looked inteeresting to me.


Yes, I did. Looks very promising.