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Discussion on: Is there such a thing as READY for a first job?

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JD Gonzales

I didn’t feel ready when I started my first job. That is a very normal feeling and I don’t think it’s a feeling exclusive to our field. What’s important to remember is that you have unique contributions that you bring with you. You’re background and story are unique which gives you a special perspective. That perspective may impact process, clients, sales, marketing, or code, but the point is it makes you able to contribute in a meaningful way no matter your technical ability at the time.

All that being said, feeling ready on the technical side is something I still struggle with 3 years in. There’s projects and things I work on that I don’t feel ready for. I think that’s normal as well. We’re not doing repetitive work we’re building things in whatever technology stack so there’s always unknowns going into something. Staying humble and asking peers questions will always help you to progress on whatever it is.

To answer the real question of:

When do you know you’re ready for your first job?

I started applying mid-way through my boot camp and would generally recommend the same if you’re able too given your situation and can answer a trivial amount of common interview questions. The interview practice is really important and is a skill all on it’s own. Constantly applying, interviewing, studying, & getting feedback from wherever you can will up your interviewing skills grow. Sooner or later one of those interviews will lead to an offer.

Good luck!

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Pachi 🪐 (she/her/ela) Author

Thank you for the praticai advice.
I will look into some common interview questions and practice!