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Julio Campos
Julio Campos

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Loneliness in the tech world

What is your opinion about this topic?
What I will share is specifically from my point of view.

For years I have lived a solitary life, few people around me, but it doesn't really affect me and it doesn't bother me, but is it correct in the world of programming?
In my current job we are few programmers and we have little interaction and it's good because everyone works on their own and then we compare our work or share doubts, but I firmly believe that by sharing with more people your knowledge increases.

Being alone in the programming world or surrounding yourself with other programmers?

What do you think?

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pO0q πŸ¦„

Loneliness is an interesting topic, as it may vary from one person to another. You may even experience loneliness while being surrounded with many other people.

I'd say it depends on the quality of your interactions, but it's not something you can tweak like app settings. This is also why recruitment is hard, as gathering the most talented people does not guarantee the team will succeed.

You are right: it's not recommended to stay alone. At least, don't keep that approach during your whole career. Otherwise, you'll miss lots of helpful discussions that could help you grow and you may lack important soft skills. The technical side of things is only one aspect.

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Julio Campos

You're right, a team can't be successful with people who are isolated from their other teammates.
Thanks for your point of view, I appreciate it.

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Jon Randy πŸŽ–οΈ

Being alone doesn't necessarily engender loneliness