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Chrome extension Leechblock NG : can't access the "blocked" sites even after uninstalling the extension. Except on Tor Browser.

Hello. I have installed the Chrome extension "Leechblock ng", which allows you to block some website for a certain amount of time in order to focus on work. I blocked "", "" and "". When done, I uninstalled the extension. Ever since I have done that, those 3 sites are still blocked. Youtube shows a "you are offline message", and instagram and facebook show a blank page telling me I don't have internet access. ALL other websites work properly. This happens on Chrome, Safari and Firefox, but they do load on TOR browser. I have cleaned all caches, changed my DNS to Google DNS, uninstalled Leechblock, turned on and off my computer, checked the security setting on both my computer, Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, nothing works. It seems like the websites URL or contracts are corrupted, I don't know. The strange thing is that it works when I load the website on Tor Browser, which means it must have something to do with my IP adress or something, because Tor has a pre-installed VPN. Anyone has any idea on how to fix this ? Thank you ! 

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