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Taking Care of Emotional Support Animals

Julia Anderson
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An emotional support animal is there to help provide support and comfort to its owner, but they require something in return too – your care.

It is an owner’s responsibility to take care of their ESA by taking them to the vet regularly, grooming and bathing them properly and reciprocating the love and affection received.

These are some general facts that you must be aware of before getting an ESA. You must have a legit ESA letter with you in order to own an emotional support animal.

A sample ESA letter is shown below:

sample ESA letter

However, if you already have a four-legged friend in your life remember that they do a lot for you and you should appreciate that.

Shopping together can be a good bonding activity for you and your pet. This will also give them a chance of interacting with other animals.

Make sure that your ESA knows the pet store Etiquettes. Dogs usually get excited when they spot something that they like; train them in a way that they listen to you.

You can also pamper them by booking a spa session, where professionals will take care of your dog’s style and grooming.

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