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Júlio Cézar P. Camargo
Júlio Cézar P. Camargo

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QUESTION: How many icons can be shown on your Github bio?

💬 Context

Recently, Github had a update on how many account links you can show on your bio, up to four links in total.

Some of then, like Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn have an icon. But others don't, like DEV Community.
Github Account Links

I tried some links, and some shown an icon and some not (you can check it by clicking here):
Github Account Links Editing

🤔 Question

  • Has someone discovered how many links had an icon with it on GitHub social account links on bios?
  • Is there an post on GitHub Docs abou it?

❗️ Update: Answer

On April 17th I asked this question on Stack Overflow, and on May 6th I got an answer from user yoshiyuki sato.

He says that at the moment (2023-05-06), a total of 9 social accounts seem to be supported: twitter, facebook, instagram, linkedin, reddit, twitch, youtube, mastodon and hometown.

And also didn't found any mentions in GitHub Docs.

Stack Overflow Answer

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