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jules manson
jules manson

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There is a new trend lately. It seems that the web is phasing out jQuery. For example GitHub no longer uses it. Reason?

John Resig created jQuery at a time when browser inconsistencies were a serious epedimic in the wild. But all major browsers are now mostly W3C compliant. Secondly jQuery has grown into a bloated library capable of doing almost everything including ordering Starbucks online. It's true. There's a plugin for that (I'm kidding). However most developers only use it for a very limited set of tasks such as DOM manipulation and AJAX calls.

And lasty there are now a whole host of new API's available for simplifyng tasks like AJAX calls that can now be done with the Fetch API which all major now browsers support.

Now we must ask do we still need to learn jQuery? Absolutely! It is still an essential component of many libraries and frameworks (for example Bootstrap 4) and will continue this way for the foreseeable future because libraries tend to be a turnkey solution for web development thus utilizing a large portion of jQuery's capabilities. A better question one might ask is do I still need that library (or framework)?

But I still believe jQuery will eventually meet its destined fate sometime in the near future. Rest in Peace jQuery but never forget John Resig for his vision which not only founded the most popular library ever concieved but for also helping to make Javascript the number one programming language in the entire f-ing world.

Here is an outstanding breakdown of vanilla Javascript DOM manipulations and other important tasks that can be performed without jQuery: You Dont Need jQuery.

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Alex Lohr

Actually, the main reason why jQuery is being phased out is probably rather that we are adopting and maturing other approaches than direct DOM manipulations, namely MVC/MVP frameworks like angular, react and vue, to have readily reusable components.

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jules manson Author

You make a good point.

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Mark Dalsaso • Edited on

I believe there is now mainstream agreement that jQuery has no place in a greenfield project. Of course, there are always caveats but I tend to take a pragmatic approach.

If you're are building a new flagship-type product, from scratch or as a rewrite, and targeting stuff like SaaS, SPA, native hybrid, etc., don't even think about jQuery, or anything that depends on it; bootstrap's js components, Kendo UI, etc. Do what you have to do, train-up your team, bring in consultants, whatever.

I believe adding jQuery to a big new greenfield project is a disservice to your organization and to jQuery itself! jQuery has influenced so many things, no doubt it's awesome, and out of jQuery's strengths and shortcomings comes major advances in JS/ECMAScript, Web Components, ES Modules, ....on and on.

Now if you're really good with jQuery, (or say Kendo UI and Bootstrap) and you need to whip something out quick, then there is still value in it. Of course, the problem with this is that once a piece of software gets used, there is a high probability that the user(s) will call for additional functionality; leading to further reliance on antiquated patterns and techniques.

Like with all disciplines, technologies and methodologies advance; the world of web application development has simply moved beyond jQuery. Interestingly, its demise is a product of its own success. There is a huge body of knowledge (blogs, tutorials, videos) of why this is. I tend to lump it all into ROI and software sustainability; the new ways are more durable and adapt better to stuff like feature creep.

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jules manson Author • Edited on

Links as in sources for the information given? It's all out there. If you're an experienced programmer you likely are aware of everything stated. However such information may be new to beginners or novice developers. Or did you wish I provided more links to alternatives to jQuery? If so I shared an outstanding one at the bottom of the post. Have a look again.

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Luis • Edited on

Actually I was in bed reading this in the web view of a GitHub client for Android and it would be kinda overkill leaving the app to search Google and catch the exact announcement at the time. :D
Anyway, it's always good to provide some sources for your statements these days, you know...

Best regards.

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jules manson Author

I thought about it and you are right. I will add links. Please come back tomorrow evening.

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