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The past 4th septembre, Microsoft released dotnet 3.0, this is most stable
version(Microsoft expectancy to world developers), with It Microsoft show their interest into participated actively in real world development environment with their C# (v 8.0), obviousely all this is a nice dream ( for their and their development community), and It's a result to a great and strong work, Microsoft with .Net Core, ASP and Xamarin show us their interest in became in a main tool to real world developers, now with Dotnet Core 3.0 her compatibility with others operative systems as Linux (mainly) and Mac OS, close the existent gap around of developer world.

At this point is necessary remember that the top of OS use in Azure after Microsoft integrate Linux in their platform is Linux OS in differente flavours, with the arraived of Dotnet Core open the opportunities to C# community and potentializes It, this time at difference when Microsoft launched Windows Mobile and their OS, at these moment this iniciative was a great mistake for Microsoft and their community.

Although Microsoft isn't my preferer development environment, this time I think that this is the best success of Microsoft to the next years, open the possibilities to the community is the smarter decition for this company.

dotnet build
dotnet run
dotnet publish

Is a nice cli interface, but as all, always exist some to improve, the management of final product is some confused, the management of different versions or integration of severals architectures, and the compatiblity with 64 bits libraries. Other point less is the visual studio requirements and size of updates.

As a plus point the documentation at site is grow, their structure is nice and this is oriented to practical and quick exercises to ease to curve learn, making interactive the learning.

This references can help you to learn .Net Core:



Dowload center:


  • Remember update Visual Studio to use Dotnet core 3.0
  • Remember you only can use Dotnet 3.0 with Visual Studio 2019

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