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Essential plugin to have on your wordpress website

You have just installed a wordpress site and you are wondering what are the essential plugins to have on your site?

Today I share with you the plugins that I think are essential to have on your wordpress site.

But what is a plugin?

A plugin or extension (word used on the wordpress dashboard) aims to add features to your website and all without having to touch any line of code, pretty good, right?

To add a plugin, you must go to the extension page via the dashboard of your website and click on the "add" button to search and add a plugin.

Well, now I know what a plugin is but how I choose it correctly?

You must pay attention to the rating and the number of people who voted for the plugin, the number of active installations, the comments of the users and the date of the last update.
By crossing all this information, the plugin is more likely to be of good quality. For example, if the plugin is not regularly updated it can cause conflicts with your version of wordpress.

The first essential plugin I recommend is Updraft plus. It is an automatic backup plugin for your website to avoid any data loss. It allows you to back up files and database on a regular basis. You can choose where you want to store the backups (google drive, dropbox, FTP, one drive), schedule the backups and choose the number of backups to do.

The plugin exists in free or paid version. For example, the paid version allows you to manage your backups on a multi-site. The free version allows you to meet the main need to regular backup your site.

The second plugin is WP Super Cache. It is a plugin managed by the creator of wordpress that allows returning your wordpress site faster for users. Indeed, this one will cache, store some files on the hard drive or in RAM depending on the configuration, so that when users visit the same page, it can display faster.

There is a second very famous plugin which is WP rocket made by a French company (cocorico) but which is paying (47€/year for 1 site).

In the next post, I will talk about another essential plugin for your website.

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