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Trello tips

I was passed for a bad situation because I used Trello on the app and web at the same time. What happened? Aaah.. a bad thing!

I write a lot of things on the web version and for some reason, I have opened a card to make modifications to my app too. When I closed the web version I saved it, but after that, I saved my app too, for a pure mistake and as a result, I lost everything. OMG!
I lost a little time looking for a solution for my difficulty, tested some options, but now...

I can resume this in an only link and share it with you all.

Using Chrome, install the JSONView Chrome Extension.
Than you just need open this link:*/actions?filter=updateCard:desc*
This hpAcP7IS is used as a exemple, you need look for your card ID.

After that, you'll see actions for each time the description was changed. Now you need to see this changed and chose your version.
How can I look at my card ID?

Open on web your card and take a code immediately after /c/ as exemple bellow:**hpAcP7IS/814**-multiple-log-in-credentials


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