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Discussion on: Tell me an unpopular software opinion

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Juan Carlos Ruiz Pacheco • Edited

POC are likely the first production release


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Haris Secic

learned this the hard way

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Artur ⚡ Kiszkielis

I would love to hear about your experience in this area.

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Haris Secic • Edited

Well latest one was like build this and that and we need demo up in 3 months. Next thing you know always new feature requests and as a must. After that they started talking about release in another 6 months and I was like heeelllll no. They agreed to build prototype and then rewrite the whole thing but I'm sure they think well it's only bug fixing and optimizing. The code is impossible to maintain so hope they understood last time what rewrite means

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Hussein Duvigneau

Man I think I just found my support group 😢

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Daniel Brady

Sad but true. I haven't been in the game long, but I feel like the whole "move fast, break things" mantra is often interpreted as "ship your prototypes."

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dave medlock 🧔🏻

Most software products I’ve seen have at least one feature that just screams “we have a demo on Monday, can you code this over the weekend?” And then that’s what goes to prod because there’s another demo on Friday for some other feature.

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Der Sascha

Haha yes

"we have a poc, so the Software is already complete. There is only some logic missing!"