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You mentioned some tools to start using, like Adobe XD or UXPin. What are YOUR tools of preference, and what specific tasks do you use them for?

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Judith Ask Me Anything • Edited on

For prototyping I prefer Sketch -> Zeplin -> UXPin

For Documentation and storing snippets I like Dash

My repos are all in Github

I use Chrome dev tools with:
Chrome Lens
jet brains toolbox and IDE support
UA spoofer
live reload
dev tools auto save
php console
validate aria
ip address & domain info
css viewer
md editor
json formatter
css used
react dev tools
redux dev tools
Ember Inspector
Emulated Device Lab
js errors notifier
Node.js V8 Inspector
Web Server for Chrome

Note: I turn on and off the chrome extensions as needed. They can eat up a lot of memory if they are running in the background. As far as the uses for each one they are self explanatory but if you have a question about any let me know. Sometimes they are hard to set up and you may have to change some of your settings to get them to work. You can see those settings here: chrome://flags/

I use Codepen for inspiration and fun doodling in css:
I use plunkr for experimenting with mostly Angular:
I also like stackblitz - but haven't used it that much yet.
I use graphql launchpad (great tool for serverless and mocking an endpoint)
I use js fiddle, sql fiddle
I also keep a dev server on (a bit of a mess right now :P) and I use the typescript and Docker playgrounds. Typescript because it will convert js to ts. Docker because its a great tool for constructing microservices.
Testing: e2e, jasmine, phantom, phpunit
My IDE is Webstorm or phpstorm
Sometimes I use BBEdit

Whew! If you have any questions about the tools I'm happy to help :)

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Wow, didn't expect that explanation! Thanks a lot, will be researching those tools as well. Cheers!

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Judith Ask Me Anything