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I come from CoffeeScript, that is kinda dead now.
I tried TypeScript, observed the same that this post mentions.
I tried some Python-to-JavaScript compilers, they were not good at all.
I tried Nim, solved my problems, including TypeScript ones.


I've seen you mention a few times in here, it likes nice but there is a really tiny community and ecosystem for web apps, unless you can point out otherwise


It is a language to work with other languages too, I use it for Python,
I am part of the Python community, and find it searching for alternatives to Cython,
you can "import" C and JS libs and use them from Nim,
it is Python-like syntax instead of JavaScript-like so that may or may not be a disadvantage,
besides that no one forces you to abandon JS community.

But JavaScript community is biggest on the whole world anyways,
all communities are tiny communities compared to JavaScripts...

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