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re: Nim, I hear good things... But I am already proficient with typescript and I am currently learning rust, do you think Nim is going to stick around....

For Frontend only?, is kinda explained on the link,
better types than TypeScript, immutable by default,
powerful meta-programming, fullstack with 1 lang,
for Frontend is kinda like Svelte but with TypeScript and a whole Backend ecosystem, JS/WASM/WebGL you name it.

For Backend, easy syntax like Python or Ruby, is fast as C.

For DevOps, it can run interpreted cross-platform.

If you are doing Rust+TypeScript you are mixing 2 very different worlds,
I do everything with 1 lang.

Different from Rust, Nim is self-supporting Rust is not,
Nim can produce Hardened Binaries yet Rust can not,
has new memory management strategy that works kinda similar to Rust,
you can "import" a C/C++/ObjC/JS lib no need to re-write,
Nim also has an LLVM backend like Rust too,
Nim uses a lot less lines of code (expected from a C++ alternative),
not trolling Rust just explaining diff :)

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