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Because kinda sux.

Agile usually gets just time consuming with endless scrums,
pre-scrums, post-scrums, scrums-of-scrums,
retrospective scrums, the famous meme this meeting should be an email.

OOP depends largely on the lang, but if its inheritance over composition,
it can get boilerplaty, and usually it means Global Mutable State,
unless the lang has good support for immutability on variables and objects,
all in all composition is better and still OOP, but not the Java kind of OOP,
and too much OOP can hurt performance for critical stuff,
but Functional OOP with composition with immutability is way better.

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Every idea can be brought to the point of absurdity. Agile is not an exception. Problem is that all other ways to build software work even worse.

As for OOP and FP. OOP does no require language support, for example one can easily write OO code using plain C. FP is another thing, basic FP support requires at least ability to handle functions as data. Java since Java 8 has support for this and therefore can be used to write functional code. Moreover, the approach similar to what you call "Functional OOP" you can find across most posts in my blog. And all code is pure plain Java.

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