Cover image for My first web!😭

My first web!😭

juan_deto profile image Juan de Tomaso ・1 min read

This is my first web. Its a simple portfolio of a photographer.

I started with html css and javascript 4 months ago. I was very influent by Jen Simmons design aproach and the Bauhaus.

Hope you enjoy it!



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Hi @juandetomaso

Try not to put your email directly, that will lead to a lot of spamming from the bots. Also, you can use a program to optimize your images, the website's images loaded very slow.

Overall an interesting concept.


Thanks! I really dont know how to optimize the images without loosing quality. Any format recomendations?


Try squoosh! It allows you to compress images and compare the quality with the original next to it.


Well done! Good job! you could improve the speed of course, but my first website was a way crappier, so a big thumb up here.


Looks really nice!
I'm just warning you that the pictures took a long time to render for me


nice, your first web looks far better than mine. Well done.
a notice:
it took quite long time to fully load your site, you might want to reduce the size of the images and use some technique like image placeholder or lazy loading.
but overall, well done for a first website. Keep up coding !

cheers !


Very nice, I like it!
As Antoine suggests to you, the pictures are a bit heavy for the web (the cover is 3.9M). I suggest to optimize it.
The rest is cool ;)


This is cool, well done!


Nice site. Love the photography... Very cool that you helped bring that online!


Awesome!! Keep the good work up! And the Design is very pleasing as well.


Mine is also crafted with html, css and JavaScript. Link in bio. Fully responsive and seo optimized 😍


Nice concept, i build some website, but not yet build my own portofolio web.
Maybe someday i build it too


i really enjoyed bro , keep moving forward .


Super nice, love the design!


That's very nice! You really did a good job! However, I encourage you to optimize your images which took a lot of time to render.


Nice try man It does not look very nice but it is good when you are just starting . Keep going and keep coding. :-)


Wow yo aun no no llego a javascript, pero espero llegar pronto a ese tema. Cómo o que hiciste para subir tu página a internet?


Gracias! Lo subí a través de donweb.com, y si nunca subiste nada te guían muy bien. Lo recomiendo.