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Really interesting.
I myself wondered about this in the past but never got past that, you are already far over the "wondering" phase.

I can't really imagine how to browse through classes or methods easily in VR so far, the amount of information usually exceed what you want to read in a 3D environment. Browsing through documentation could be a hassle too.

Coding is usually an abstract task and you are trying to bring it into palpable elements and actions. The outcome of this could be wonderful.

But I do picture myself putting "pieces" together in order to bring something to live.
Picture Xcode's Storyboards when you drag and drop ViewControllers into the screen flow.
You could as well visualize the entire flow of an app in a 3D space after you constructed it with your hands.

If, on top of that, you can be able to build a logical command structure with gestures and make the pieces work, the entire industry might change.

Anyway, I think I'm just rambling at this point. Great read!!


Great thoughts!

What I'm ultimately doing is trying to figure out how to separate process from syntax. How do we get to the point where syntax errors are virtually impossible to make? I believe this is possible by, as you said "trying to bring it (coding) into palpable elements and actions."

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