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jswhisperer profile image Greg, The JavaScript Whisperer Originally published at Updated on ・1 min read

Wouldn't it be grand to click a button and have your mobile's native share dialog come up?
This used to take funky third party js widgets, or registering for all the various site api's individual; I remember it could take a week to get it right with SEO back in the golden days.

Well friends fear no more check out the webshare api

Now hypothetically say you have a fullscreened progressive web app, looks slick don't it? The problem though is the missing url bar.


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Here's your solution in the form of a method. One caveat is this must be called on a user action like click.

share() {
      if (navigator.share) {
            title: 'title',
            text: 'description',
            url: `url`
          .catch(err => {
            console.log(`Couldn't share because of`, err.message);
      } else {
        console.log("web share not supported");
<a class="show-mobile" href="#" @click.prevent="share">🔗 share</a>

Oh one more thing, this is only supported on mobile devices. I find this solution better than the user agent sniffing dark arts.

.show-mobile {
    display: none;
@media (pointer: coarse) {
  .show-mobile {
    display: inline-block;

Why not fire up your cellular device and give it a try with this article, how meta would that be?


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iksploetzwich profile image
Robin Plötzwich

What would be the alternative implementation?
Say I press share on a device that doesn't support the webshare api?

Anyways, thanks for article, I think this will be helpful in the future.

jswhisperer profile image
Greg, The JavaScript Whisperer Author

One way is native both ios and android have share built in

The other is to add each icon of a service you wanted to share to (and you have to guess what the user has) and code each with the various api's and twitter would be different, tedius. it's what we did in the 00's