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JSTools Weekly
JSTools Weekly

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JSTools Weekly - 2023#6

📅 February 5–11, 2023, issue 2023#6 released!
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top new javascript releases | issue 2023#6 | February 5–11, 2023

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The iconic SVG, font, and CSS toolkit

  • Introducing Font Awesome Sharp Regular!

    • 3,000+ icons in a new, modern style: Sharp Regular
    • Sharp Solid is already done. Sharp Light, Thin, and Duotone are coming soon!
    • Icons are all built on the same 16px grid as existing Font Awesome Classic icons.
  • and more


Build cross-platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

  • Added label property to Display objects.

  • Added an app.getPreferredSystemLanguages() API to return the user's system languages.

  • Added new UtilityProcess API to launch chromium child process with node integration.

  • Added support for WebUSB.

  • Added support for serialPort.forget() as well as a new event serial-port-revoked emitted when a given origin is revoked

  • Adds new setHiddenInMissionControl API to allow developers to opt out of mission control on macOS


An enterprise-class UI design language and React UI library

  • Add picture-circle to Upload's listType prop.

  • Anchor component add direction, which supports vertical.

  • Tooltip support arrow to change arrow's visible state and whether the arrow is pointed at the center of target.

  • Added list pagination align option.

  • Timeline added items to support option configuration.

  • and more


The fastest frontend for the headless web. Build modern websites with React.

  • Gatsby is joining Netlify

  • Head API supports context providers from wrapRootElement


The open source Firebase alternative. Follow to stay updated about our public Beta.

  • Storing OpenAI embeddings in Postgres with pgvector

  • Meet Supabase Clippy: ChatGPT for Docs

  • Client library reference: Python and C#

  • pg_graphql now supports Views, Materialized Views, and Foreign Tables

  • Automatic WebP detection for Image Transformation

  • and more


Nuxt is an intuitive and extendable way to create type-safe, performant and production-grade full-stack web apps and websites with Vue 3.

  • Nuxt DevTools

  • Better DX for overriding runtimeConfig, including inline type helpers

  • Automatically inferred return type for useFetch and $fetch based on method.

  • useFetch is now integrated with event.$fetch, meaning cookies and context are now passed to api requests automagically within internal requests.

  • and more

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hot javascript tools | issue 2023#6 | February 5–11, 2023

nangoGet OAuth tokens for APIs - fast & secure.

magic-regexpA compiled-away, type-safe, readable RegExp alternative

structuraeData structures for high-performance JavaScript applications.

veauryUse React in Vue3 and Vue3 in React, And as perfect as possible!

  • 🌞 Support Vue3

  • 🌈 Support Context - Share the context of all vue and react components.

  • 💗 Support for using hooks across frameworks - You can use React's hooks in a Vue component, or you can use Vue's 'setup' function in a React component and use Vue's hooks in this function.

  • 🪂 Pure mode - The children of the converted component no longer have an extra element container

tailwind-variants🦄 Tailwindcss first-class variant API

orchid-ormPostgres ORM, query builder, migration tool

  • 🚀️ productive way to work with models and relations

  • 🧐️ full control over the database with powerful query builder

  • 😎️ model schema can be converted to Zod for validations

  • 🛳️ migration tools

  • 💯 100% TypeScript, define a schema and everything else will be inferred

polineEsoteric Palette Generator Mico-Lib Interpolating HSL Color in cartesian space

editableEditable is a rich text editor framework that provides stable rich text editing capabilities without relying on the contenteditable attribute.

enrollaThe open source customer feature framework for B2Bs. Easily control how your product behaves and looks for different customers.

luciaAuthentication, simple and clean

hattipLike Express, but for the future

  • ✨ Modern: Based on current and future web standards (Fetch API & WinterCG).

  • 🌍 Universal: Runs anywhere (Node.js, the Edge, Deno, ...).

  • 🧩 Modular: Use as much or as little as you need.

  • 🪛 Minimalist: Everything you need, nothing you don't.

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new javascript tools | issue 2023#6 | February 5–11, 2023

clack:‌ Effortlessly build beautiful command-line apps
zod-fetch:‌ Simple function for building a type-safe fetcher with Zod
unpic-img:‌ Multi-framework responsive image component

motion-canvas-cameraCamera Component for Motion Canvas

gpt-travel-advisor:‌ Create a travel itinerary for any city in the world in just a few seconds

ts-api-utilsUtility functions for working with TypeScript's API. Successor to the wonderful ajafff/tsutils.

uncryptoSingle API for Web Crypto API and Crypto Subtle working in Node.js, Browsers and other runtimes

tiny-bin:‌ A library for building tiny and beautiful command line apps.

stellis:‌ a no-VDOM JSX framework for SSR.

serovalstringify JS values

nuxt-time⏰ SSR-safe time element for Nuxt 3

  • ✨ SSR/SSG-safe rendering of any date/time

  • 💪 Prevents hydration mismatch on client

  • 🏁 Respects browser locale

  • ✅ Renders semantic <time> element

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