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Phase 2 of Flatiron

React has been quite the journey. It started out with lots of frustrations after dealing with only vanilla Javascript. However, I can see now why React is such a powerful framework/library. The use of components is quite elegant and it has definitely made my code a lot cleaner. I'm currently trying to use React to make a website where you can like restaurants near you, order from said restaurant, and save the items that you ordered. You can then go back to the items and like/dislike them to keep a record of your food journey. I always forget what I got at a restaurant unless I order from them all the time, so this will be cool to do. Ideally, this would be synced up to the restaurant side of things such that your order information is automatically added to our database if you eat in person. Maybe you can even take a picture of your receipt and it's added in that way. Right now, I don't have the ability to do the back-end work necessary to make this happen. I'm just focusing on the front-end portion of how this website would work with my partner Hyun currently.

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