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In your articles, you talk about where the blame lies for these problems within a company and how an employee can hopefully avoid them.

I recently interviewed for a job, and while I'd heard great things about the company from a friend, making sure I wasn't walking into a bad situation was a pretty high priority.

To that end, I had several questions lined up for them when we got to that stage of the interview about what a typical week looks like, how they handle deadlines, how they respond to incidents, etc. and their answers helped me feel a lot more comfortable that I wouldn't be walking in to a nightmare.

Do you have any advice for someone who might be looking for a job and wants to assess the culture of a company from the outside?


That’s a great question. I’m yet to figure out the golden questions. The questions you asked are a great start but fundamentally burnout & Crunch culture come from management not walking the talk. They will lie through their teeth in an interview or not even be aware of their hypocrisy.

I would definitely leverage employer review sites like Glassdoor. My personal rule is to (currently) never work for a startup. Those places breed burnout culture. Try finding a current staff member on LinkedIn and ask them some choice questions ?

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