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What's new in Astro 2

Fred K. Schott joins the party again to discuss all the new and fun changes in Astro 2. Nick and KBall dig in on what’s new, what’s exciting, and what to expect from the framework built around content.

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Show Notes:

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(00:00) - It's party time, y'all
(00:55) - Welcome back Fred!
(02:12) - What is Astro?
(04:51) - Advantages of HTML-focused syntax
(06:00) - On .astro files
(08:26) - Server vs client-side rendering
(11:46) - React Islands
(14:59) - Will Astro build a Facebook soon?
(16:16) - Astro's advantages and V2
(19:10) - The plugin ecosystem
(21:27) - Astro and
(23:21) - Type safety on Astro
(26:12) - TS is bigger than JS now...
(27:59) - Astro's Svelte-like history
(29:11) - Owning the compilation process
(31:41) - Connecting state between islands
(35:39) - Astro's growth on State of JS survey
(38:54) - React's biggest challenge right now
(41:24) - What's next after React?
(44:50) - What's coming after Astro 2?
(46:36) - Giving back to the community, literally
(48:10) - Everything is Content!
(49:19) - Getting started with Astro 2
(50:24) - Wrapping up!
(50:51) - Outro

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