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This is going to be Lit 🔥

Justin Fagnani joins us this week to talk about Lit, a library that helps you build web components. With 17% of pageviews in Chrome registering use of web components, Lit has gained widespread adoption across a variety of companies looking to create reusable components which leverage the power and interoperability of the web platform. Tune in to learn about what makes this tiny library so incredibly lit!

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Show Notes:

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(00:00) - It's party time, y'all!
(00:40) - Welcoming Justin to the show
(02:36) - What is it?
(04:36) - The evolution of the project
(10:02) - How do updates flow in to the DOM?
(11:19) - How it tracks data
(14:38) - Managing references
(17:13) - dangerouslySetInnertHTML
(21:25) - Lit is simple (af)
(23:54) - Absolutely necessary
(26:41) - App frameworks built on Lit
(31:33) - Who's using this?
(34:44) - How Lit is governed
(38:48) - Building for the platform first
(40:46) - Web components aren't sexy
(43:26) - Incorporating shadow DOM
(53:35) - Good role models
(54:53) - Justin's web wish
(57:30) - Closing time
(58:46) - Outro

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