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The future of React

Dan Abramov & Joe Savona from the React Team join Jerod & Nick for a wide-ranging discussion about React’s place in the frontend ecosystem. We cover everything from React competing with React, their responses to SPA fatigue and recent criticisms, to Server Components and the future of the framework.

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Show Notes:

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(00:00) - It's party time, y'all
(01:03) - Welcoming Joe & Dan
(03:01) - To what do we bestow this honor?
(08:02) - React competing with React
(12:13) - Reacting to recent criticisms
(19:49) - There's no silver bullet
(21:28) - Sponsor: Changelog++
(22:22) - React Server Components (RSC)
(29:56) - The scope of RSC
(35:02) - How to get started with RSC
(37:30) - Grappling with RSC terminology
(41:01) - RSC in production at Meta
(47:43) - Sponsor: KBall Growth
(48:25) - RSC as the skeleton
(53:18) - The easiest way to think about it
(55:34) - Resources for learning RSC
(1:00:21) - Why Dan doesn't like TypeScript
(1:01:56) - Wrapping up
(1:02:40) - Next up on the pod

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